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Piggy's Biography

Piggy is a master of relaxation. Since he was a little piglet all he could ever think about was sitting on the beach, or relaxing in a nice comfy chair. His hobbies include (but are not limited to): eating, lounging, porking out, oinking, drinking soda, sleeping, and surfing the internet.

As piggy was growing up he was not sure what he was going to do with his life. He thought about being a rock star, but he couldn't sing very well. He really wanted to be an actor, but with the limited number of movies with pigs in them the competition was too competitive (He still holds a grudge against Babe). After spending a few years attending East Piggy University he realized finding a career was no easy task. Faced with a mighty challenge, he grabbed a soda and ran to the nearest chair.

Piggy searched on the internet long and hard for ideas about what he could do for a living. After spending a full 15 minutes searching, he found himself using the internet for only 4 things. First, he would go to his favorite video website and watch a lot of videos about piggies doing stupid things. Next he would go to his favorite news website and read about the 10 best piggy cities around. Then he would go to the Piggy Basketball Association (PBA) to see if there were any updates on his favorite player, LePig James. His final stop would be the Bank of Piggyland website to see if the bills for his sodas were available.

After going through this cycle a few times, Piggy's relaxation senses were tingling. They were telling him that his arm was working too hard to move the mouse. With this going through his head, he asked a friend to make a web site where he would not have to use the mouse so much. His friend gladly accepted the challenge and made a very simple web site which allowed visitors to add up to 9 custom bookmarks onto the page and allowed those bookmarks to be accessed by pressing the numbers on a numeric keypad. Piggy's friend knew how much Piggy hated creating accounts for web pages, so he made it so there was no need to create an account. Piggy's friend liked the site a lot and decided to name it after the piggy who inspired it.

Piggy now lives somewhere on the island of Hawaii. Exactly where is hard to say. It would probably be safe to say that he is somewhere near a beach. He may be trying to work up the courage to give Miss Piggy a call, as he always had a crush on her since he was a little piglet. He used to visit http://www.misspiggyfans.com very often to learn all he could about her. The only thing that can be said for certain, is that when he surfs the internet he is maximizing his relaxation!

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