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What Piggy's Page Can Do For You

Piggy’s Page is made to be a convenient, fast-loading homepage for you to save all your favorite sites into a simple layout. For extra ease, the links (numbered 1-9) are able to be used by the corresponding numbers on the right side of your keyboard! If your keyboard does not have these numbers, there are more hotkeys. Additionally, you can have the weather for your city displayed on the page and also write down quick notes on the bottom of the page.

How to Setup Your Page

There are 2 main things on Piggy's Page. Big buttons, and an edit window which appears when you are editing a button:

The Button

  1. Button Number
  2. Button Name
  3. Move the mouse over any button and select the newly appeared ‘Edit’ in order to customize your link (see below).

The Edit Window

  1. The name of your link (i.e. “Youtube”)
  2. The web address (URL) of the site. (i.e. “” or “”)
  3. Clears button information
  4. Moves buttons Left or Right
  5. Saves your button
  6. Close Edit Window (discard changes)

There is no account creation involved. Your information is saved in your browser and in your flash player. Also, you can change the look of the buttons by clicking on the wrench icon in the bottom right side of Piggy's Page. Here are a few links to additional information applicable to Piggy's Page if you choose:

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